About Us

Mission Statement

To improve the lives of our
patients, families, and each other.

Vision Statement

To cultivate life transformation through compassionate integrated care and reduce the stigmas associated with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Goals of Vital Health

Provide top-quality integrated care to every patient.

Meet the demanding health needs of all our patient’s.

Improve the quality of each and everyone of our patients' lives.

Reduce the amount of arrests, hospital and ER visits, dropout’s and homelessness.

Provide long term primary care.

About the owners

Nicole and Jacob Spellis

Nicole and Jacob envisioned changing the behavioral health and primary care fields with their vision of compassionate integrated care.

With a decade worth of experience in both fields, they understood the barriers in their communities and wanted to change the way mental health is viewed. By providing both mental health and physical health services, their clients are being treated holistically under one roof with continuity of care.

Nicole was front lines during the COVID pandemic in multiple hospitals and was awarded the Year of the Nurse Award. Jacob was featured in ONE the documentary and a recipient of The Jefferson Award. Nicole holds a Master Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Jacob holds a Master Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan.

Vital Health is the largest integrated care facility in Northwest, Ohio.

Jacob Spellis


Dr. Naghmana Masood

Medical Director

Nicole Spellis

Nursing Director

Debra Willson

Director of Human Resources

David McIntyre

Director of Children Programming

Michael McCray

social work intern

Melizu Freyre

Office manager/ Medical Case manager

Zachariah Fitzpatrick

Director of case management

Vital Health is an accredited full-service health center offering integrated primary and behavioral healthcare services for children, adults, and seniors.

Serving residents in Ohio and Michigan, we provide exceptional care and connect patients to our vibrant and inclusive community.

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