Outpatient (OP) Programs

Our Outpatient (OP) programs transcend conventional addiction treatment, prioritizing holistic mental health support. Our approach enables individuals to receive essential care while maintaining their routines at home, ensuring a well-rounded healing experience.

Mental Health-Centric Outpatient Care

Our Outpatient programs are meticulously designed to address addiction and mental health concerns, providing crucial support without disrupting your daily life. This includes regular therapy sessions encompassing individual counseling, group therapy, and additional assistance such as medication management.

Empowering Recovery Through Outpatient Counseling

Vital Health’s Outpatient Counseling in Maumee, Ohio, serves as a steadfast support system for those navigating mental health complexities. Our programs aim to empower individuals with skills and coping mechanisms crucial for maintaining abstinence from substances or harmful behaviors. Whether you’ve completed intensive treatment before or are seeking initial support, our outpatient care is customizable to your unique needs.

Tailored for Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Our outpatient treatment strives to enhance both mental and physical health, promoting a balanced and sustainable recovery. 

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Are you ready to start your journey to better mental health? Contact Vital Health today to learn more about our Mental Health PHP program and initiate your path to healing and recovery. Our compassionate team is here to guide you every step of the way.

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