How to rebuild your life with a criminal record

How to rebuild your life with a criminal record

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” 

– Abraham Maslow


Whether you are guilty or not, facing criminal prosecution or being arrested is frightening for anyone. However, the subsequent impacts are far more harmful. Any aspect of your life could be severely impacted by a criminal charge or conviction, including employment, relationships with friends and family, and your community interactions.

Many folks who have been involved in criminal activity at a certain point in their life desire to move past that incident and give back to their community by finding decent work. However, it can frequently feel like an obstacle to securing a profession if you have a criminal record, especially since many employers run background screenings on prospective employees.

The first step should be to re-examine your life, your family and your friends and associates. Once you have examined your life and seen how you came to be where you are, you must evaluate further on what are the positives and negative influences in your path. You can ask yourselves the following:

Who attempted to step in and steer you toward a better course. Who guided you on the road that ended up in prison. 

When did you decide to use a felony as a solution 

Was there a particular event or trigger that prompted you to conduct a crime. 

Do any of these triggers, if any, still have the potential to harm you and people around you? Do you believe you need to consult a professional? 

Are you prepared to let go of the past and accept the present? 

Steps to moving on and reclaiming your life: Start by accepting reality

Whether you were found guilty or not will probably have a big influence as to how you perceive how life played out. If you were convicted of your offenses, you might be dealing with remorse over the harm your conduct caused to your close relatives. Accepting your circumstance is the optimal course of action in any scenario. Concentrate on what you can do to have a successful future because you cannot undo the past. If facing an alcohol or drug abuse issue, you can start by looking up addiction counselling near you or other such treatment centres. Some of these may include looking for an appropriate rehab centre near you, or looking for drug or alcohol rehab centres in Toledo or Maumee

Be honest about your convictions. Be truthful when you submit a job application. Accept the responsibility of your actions, but it is a good idea to appeal to the employee with a separate letter explaining that you understand the consequences of your error, the gravity of your situation in which you acknowledge your fault and explain why it will never happen again.

After being accused of a crime, expecting your life to remain unchanged is simply unrealistic. There will be challenges in your new beginning. You won’t have certain rights, including the potential loss of your voting rights, and you might be required to move and search for new career prospects.

If you have an arrest record, the employer may bring up your previous transgressions and its best to be ready for these challenges with an optimistic approach. Consider how you might divert the subject from your history to the advantageous lessons you have learnt before the meeting.

You might not always need to disclose your past to a future profession. Cases like these include:

  • When there is no ongoing investigation into an indictment or when there is no verdict.
  • You are now an adult and were found guilty by a juvenile court.
  • By getting a certificate of rehab or other equivalent documentation.
  • You are undergoing pre-trial proceedings for a violation of the law that is not declared a crime by statute
  • A specific number of years have passed after a minor drug offence conviction.

It’s best to consult a lawyer regarding the following exceptions, as professional guidance is the best

way ahead.

It might be a good idea to look up some intensive outpatient programs or IOP in Maumee or Toledo to suit your needs in case you are stuck with issues or thoughts that trigger certain feelings that you feel can lead to negative outcomes.


It’s crucial to realise that there are situations in which such documents cannot be sealed or erased. Your eligibility is affected by several things. To meet the requirements for expungement, you also need to obtain specific court papers.

The Ohio Expungement Statute enables a person to have their court file sealed and all references to prior convictions erased. Sections 2953.32 and 2953.52 of the Ohio Revised Code are the laws that permit expungement. Charges filed, dismissed charges, not guilty verdicts, acquittals, no grand jury charges, bail forfeitures, as well as criminal convictions in misdemeanour, felony, and minor misdemeanour cases, can all be erased through record sealing and expungement.

Following an arrest, the first thing to be set in order should be to consult with an experienced criminal defence lawyer. Your criminal case’s outcome determines whether it can be erased or sealed. They’ll provide guidance to assist you decide whether sealing or expungement are practical possibilities in your situation.

Establish Better Connections

You very probably affected a significant number of bonds when you were convicted. You might have broken the faith of those who were close to you or believed in you. The first step towards healing these relationships is again, accepting responsibility and letting them know you understand the pain you have caused them.

You must understand that your actions cause pain to all those who care about you and affect not just yourself. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort to find a solution. You must win again their trust and confidence. You should endeavour to mend your interpersonal relationships while you work to reconstruct your life.

It’s possible that some of your friends and relatives have cut you out of their lives. Although handling this can be challenging, you shouldn’t provide it to us. You may be able to apologise and start establishing your worth. Never give up on yourself or let anyone else give up on you.

Seek assistance

You should research support groups and one-on-one counselling when it comes to emotional support and connect with people who are going through similar situations as you. Perhaps a support group for people who are looking for employment after a conviction.

Personal relationships go a long way to provide you with help in a new beginning. Ask a friend or member of your family to recommend you for a job if they are hiring or know someone who is hiring if they are. When you speak with someone who is interested in you and knows you or your family, your chances of finding work significantly increase.

There are support groups, counsellors, and doctors who can assist you, whether you need assistance adjusting your lifestyle to avoid more charges or need assistance processing your experience. Your defence attorney might be able to suggest resources if you feel like you need some assistance. You may look up Maumee mental health and addiction therapy to guide you through the process.


Employers will still be impressed by your voluntary work even if you can’t start out in a paid career. For numerous professions including the Department of Social Services, it even counts as on-the-job training. Try to join a local advocacy group, animal shelter, or soup kitchen.

Volunteering is an effective approach to acquire worthwhile experience that you can highlight on your CV and discuss in interviews. Spending time volunteering for neighbourhood non-profits displays your desire to make a difference in the community.

In conclusion

“If you are not where you want to be, do not quit, instead reinvent yourself and change your habits.”

– Eric Thomas

Many people think the world would end if they are convicted of a felony. Although it isn’t, it will significantly alter your life. Once you’ve been found guilty of a felony, it will haunt you for a very long time. You may keep leading a happy, successful life as long as you stay away from issues in the future.

Once you have a criminal record, your life is not over. You must take action to solve this issue if you want to have a fulfilling and successful life.

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